Liveurope lands in Barcelona for two evenings of ‘Be My Guest’ at Sala Apolo

Be my guest 2024

The celebrations for Liveurope’s 10th anniversary continue in full swing, and our next stop is at Sala Apolo in Barcelona! 

On 12 and 13 September, Sala Apolo will host two nights from their renowned “Be My Guest” concert series, featuring 8 bands in a showcase format where electronic, folk and pop take centre stage.

Bringing together all Liveurope members, the event will be an opportunity to connect and dive into the local music scene, discover emerging talent, and engage in lively discussions.

Organised as part of our Soundcat initiative, the showcase will shine a spotlight on Catalan artists, featuring some of the region's hottest acts. They will be joined on stage by up-and-coming European artists with great international potential, promising an exciting mix of local and European sounds.


Wednesday, 11 September

19:00 activities for Liveurope venues’ representatives

For Liveurope members only.

Thursday, 12 September

13:00 - 17:00 activities for Liveurope venues’ representatives @ Institut Ramon Llull

For Liveurope members only.

18:30 - 20:00 Panel discussion @Sala Apolo

More information will be revealed in the next days.

21:00 Be My Guest showcase @Sala Apolo


  • Los Sara Fontán
  •  Electro Ma Non Troppo
  • C.O.U.
  • Cushla (IE)

Friday, 13 September

12:00 - 15:00 Networking event for Liveurope venues & Catalan music professionals

By invitation only.

21:00 Be My Guest showcase @Sala Apolo


  • Maria Jaume
  • Marta Knight
  • Yaunest
  • Dominik Prok (SK)