Kyiv’s music venue Atlas joins Liveurope as its first Ukrainian venue

Atlas venue picture

We are thrilled to announce that Atlas, one of Kyiv's most prominent music venues, is joining the Liveurope platform as an associate member. We broke the news during our Europe Day event, adding extra significance as it coincided with Ukraine's first official celebration of Europe Day. 

Atlas's addition to Liveurope is a significant milestone for our platform, the venue itself, and the Ukrainian music scene at large. As an associate member, Atlas gains direct access to a network of like-minded venues and the valuable Liveurope quality label. In the long run and when the situation allows, Atlas will receive support for programming European acts in Kyiv. 

About Atlas 

Situated at the heart of Kyiv, Atlas has been a beloved hub for music enthusiasts, hosting an array of international and Ukrainian artists across various genres.  

Originally established as "Yunist" club during the Revolution of Dignity in 2013, Atlas emerged as a beacon of artistic expression and unity during a pivotal moment in Ukraine's history. As time went on, the venue underwent a transformation, rebranding as Atlas and solidifying its reputation as a go-to spot for music enthusiasts in Kyiv.  

We are thrilled to be joining Liveurope as its first Ukrainian representative. As Ukraine's accession to the EU draws closer, our collaboration with Liveurope will foster a sense of unity across borders and it is highly symbolic that this announcement came the same day when Ukraine celebrated Europe Day officially for the first time" – Vlad Yaremchuck, Atlas’ artistic director