Sala Apolo (ES) teams up with Musicbox (PT) to present Be My Guest

Pedro da Linha x Álvaro Romero

Over the years, our venues Sala Apolo (Barcelona) and Musicbox (Lisbon) have been developing a one-of-a-kind relationship. Besides regularly exchanging programming tips throughout the season, the Iberian duo often brings their neighbourly friendship to the next level by co-developing different projects.

The next edition of Apolo’s Be My Guest is a prime example of such projects. On Friday 2 December, Musicbox will take the programming reigns of the iconic Barcelona hall to organise an evening of concerts under the title Vizinhas (neighbours in Portuguese).

The line-up features the Argentinian singer raised in Catalonia and settled in Lisbon Soluna, Lisbon's rising DJ King Kami, Mallorcan singer Júlia Colom, and the experimental duo Yeli Yeli, which was born during a Liveurope residency in Lisbon back in 2021. You can find out more about the line-up on Sala Apolo's website.

In early 2023, it will be Apolo’s turn to ‘repay the favour’ and curate an evening on our favourite Lisbon stage. Date and more info will follow soon.